A donation to Franklinton Gardens this holiday season helps to create a fair and sustainable food system that benefits the economy, environment and people of our community.

Consistent access to fresh and local produce is not available for thousands of residents in Columbus Ohio’s historic Franklinton neighborhood. Simply put, it is too expensive – nearly 50% of our 3,000 households earn less than $15,000 each year, and 1/3 do not have access to a car. For many of our impoverished neighbors, there is no surplus money for traveling to a grocery store outside the neighborhood to buy fresh produce. Franklinton Gardens has worked with our community for the past nine years to understand how we can best assist struggling families with their food needs. We are working to reverse this fresh food deficiency by growing 1000’s of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables. This has guided our organization to grow into a 2.5 acre urban farm that grows 44 different types of fruits and vegetables year-round in environmentally-sustainable ways. We distribute our produce to neighbors at reduced cost.

In 2016, we distributed Franklinton Gardens produce to 30 neighborhood households from May-October. Our 2017 goal is to increase distribution to 40 households and provide weekly produce bags year-round. Franklinton Gardens needs to raise $10,000 this holiday season for our urban farm to provide food for 150 additional people in Franklinton, including 100 children. Will you contribute to this effort? We need your help!

Please donate this holiday season to help Franklinton Gardens in our efforts to grow and share food with our neighbors, create beauty, and build community.