Avondale Community Garden

avondale artThe Franklinton Community Garden (now Avondale Community Garden) was started in 2006 by community residents who wanted green space to grow their own food. Over the first few years, the site developed into a community plot garden. This garden was the inspiration for the formation of Franklinton Gardens.

The Avondale Community Garden has hosted many community events, and is part of the Franklinton Art Walk.

Membership/garden plots are available for $5 a year. There are two 500-gallon rain barrels, and watering cans available on-site for watering plots. When available, free plant starts are made available to garden members.


If you are a resident of Franklinton, and would like to join the Avondale Community Garden, please follow the link below. If you are new to gardening, don’t worry, we have plenty of green thumbs who would be more than happy to help you get started!

Contact us to learn more!

*If you are not a resident of Franklinton, we can place you on a waiting list. Any plots not rented by Franklinton residents will be made available.