Building Community

If there is one thing that all residents share in Franklinton, it is community. We shop at the same stores, we walk the same sidewalks, we live in the same neighborhood. When one feels community, one knows that they are not alone, this is what helps us through hard times in life.

In the past, borrowing from neighbors was very common. We often hear the story about borrowing a cup of sugar from the neighbor next door. In some communities today, many neighbors have never met each other, and the thought of someone showing up to the door asking to borrow something might even raise suspicion.

It was also common for neighbors to invite each other over for dinners. Block parties, community barbecues and potlucks kept neighbors close, and made life fun.

We also hear stories about past generations having gardens. They would grow old varieties of fruits and vegetables that are now forgotten. Seasonal surplus would be converted into jams, cider, vinegar, pies and the like, and traded among neighbors. Neighbors would also trade their goods, skills and services.

Franklinton Gardens believes that a healthy community brings many benefits to neighbors.  There’s much we can learn from each other, and each family has their own foods and traditions which can be shared with neighbors. A neighborhood where everyone knows everyone is a safe neighborhood.

Franklinton Gardens is committed to creating dialogue and engaging neighbors in its mission to grow food, create beauty, and build community.