Sullivant Garden


Sullivant Garden is the newest Franklinton Gardens site.  Work began in early 2015, when this triple lot yard was transformed from an average back yard to a robust food production site.

As of late 2015, the site contains 41, rows that measure 30″x30′, for a total of 3075 square feet of growing space. 18″ wide landscape fabric is installed between the rows, which allows enough room for harvesting, and saves space. When the garden beds are not being used, a tarp is placed to prevent weed growth and to protect the soil from erosion.


12003149_1176217329061589_7086198016917156005_n This site utilizes drip irrigation to ensure that crops are properly watered. The system is straight-forward and inexpensive, compared to other irrigation techniques. Drip irrigation can be found at home improvement stores, and online at Johnny’s Seeds or DripWorks.


The site is highly visible from Sullivant Avenue, a major road in Franklinton. We hope that this site can promote urban agriculture in Franklinton by inspiring those who see it, and serving as an example of what can be done in less than 1 year.


Pictured: Beets, Lettuce, Mustards, Green Onions, Collards and Kale