In 2015, Franklinton Gardens launched the Franklinton Food-Health-Wellness Corps, an AmeriCorps VISTA program that places volunteers at local service organizations with the mission of bringing individuals and communities out of poverty. Franklinton Gardens is currently looking for dedicated individuals to commit to a year of service to addressing critical community needs.


Project Description:

The Franklinton Food-Health-Wellness Corps is a 10-member, neighborhood-based, AmeriCorps VISTA project that builds community-food-system capacity with community organizations that serve in Columbus, Ohio’s west-side neighborhood of Franklinton. Franklinton is one of Columbus’ most underserved communities, and many residents are adversely impacted by various economic, environmental, and social issues. Approximately 15% of residents are unemployed, 66% of households live at or below the poverty line, and more than 50% of residents experience some level of food insecurity.

The VISTA program will involve VISTA members working with a wide range of social service agencies throughout Franklinton to help build the capacity of food-health-wellness initiatives throughout the Franklinton neighborhood. Service sites include Franklinton Gardens, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Mount Carmel Healthy Living Center, Franklinton Cycle Works, and The Homeless Families Foundation.

Available Positions:

Please click on the position name to learn more & apply through the portal.

For all the available positions in Franklinton, click here. There are two pages with our 12 positions as well as a position with Franklinton Rising which is not affiliated with the Franklinton Food-Health-Wellness Corps.

If you have any difficulty using the portal, or are receiving any error messages, please call 1-800-942-2677 to speak with a phone agent, or click here for a step by step guide.


MAY 22 – JULY 30, 2017 (Deadline to apply April 24)

Summer Urban Farm Associate – Term 1


JUNE 26 – SEPTEMBER 2, 2017 (Deadline to apply May 22)

Summer Urban Farm Associate – Term 2


AUGUST 8, 2017 – AUGUST 12, 2018 (Deadline to apply June 27th)

Bikeable Organizations VISTA – work with Franklinton Cycle Works as a cycling solutions liaison

Bike Recycling VISTA – work with Franklinton Cycle Works on bike recycling , education, and volunteerism

Environmental Sustainability VISTA – eco sustainability at Franklinton Gardens

Episcopal Service Community VISTA – work with St. Johns to support community meals and relations between St. John’s, Franklinton Gardens, and Avondale Elementary

Healthy Living Center VISTA – work with Mount Carmel Healthy Living Center to strengthen partnerships between Mount Carmel, Franklinton Gardens, and Gladden Community House

Homeless Families Foundation VISTA – work with Homeless Families Foundation  to formalize gardening programs and food education

Urban Farm Expansion VISTAbuild the production capacity of Franklinton Gardens

Urban Farm Volunteerism VISTA – work to expand the scale and impact of the volunteer program at Franklinton Gardens

Urban Farm Fundraisingfocus on fundraising efforts to support Franklinton Gardens production and programming

Farm Produce Distribution VISTA – work with Franklinton Gardens to promote and develop produce distribution programs focused in Franklinton as well as Greater Columbus.


Step by Step Application Guide:

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