About Us

Started in 2007 as a lone community garden on a small vacant lot, Franklinton Gardens has since developed into a thriving network of gardens and food production sites scattered throughout the neighborhood’s urban landscape. In addition to our organic food production efforts, we offer a wide range of garden-based activities, educational programs, and employment opportunities in order to empower neighbors and build a healthy community.

Growing food is the cornerstone of our efforts to improve the neighborhood. Franklinton Gardens has grown and donated thousands of pounds of fresh food to local food pantries.

Creating beauty in the Franklinton neighborhood is an important part of our mission to improve our community. Turning abandoned lots into gardens is just one way Franklinton Gardens creates beauty.

Building community among neighbors in Franklinton will have long lasting benefits that will last generations. Franklinton Gardens hosts many community events, as well as providing neighbors the opportunity to take part in the Avondale Community Garden.